Call me Ishmael Afi!

24 • They + Them

I'm an engineering student based in PA. Outside of tinkering with things, I enjoy writing, reading, working with 3D models, playing video games, and tons of other things.

Overall, this website is meant to help me keep a bunch of things in one place. I don't like Twitter, or other social medias like it, so I'm very glad to be a part of the Neocities community!

Please feel free to look around and check out whatever it is I'm working on at the moment!

11 / 17 — everything is broken, but we're getting closer!
11 / 14 — in the process of a total overhaul! stay tuned!
11 / 13 — (mostly) finished applying the toggle to each page
10 / 24 — fall decorations + toggle implemented!
10 / 13 — After fussing with creating a site from scratch and getting stuck on allowing my site to be responsive, I gave up and went hunting for templates.

I don't think this is a defeat, though! I found an amazing, adorable template that looks great on mobile, so I'm super happy with how things are looking now. Eventually, I'd like to go back and figure out how to make a nice dynamic site. I've made them before, and I'm sure I can do it again, but we're working with under a time crunch.

At some point, I suppose I also decided that this entire website would be Peridot themed???
to-do list
added - 11 / 14
tiny cursor
fix updates' scrollbar
things that look cute but serve no purpose
added some time in oct idk
toggle — to switch from professional to chaotic
journal — post about ccsc
cool spaces!
Pinku Kingdom
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carve a name - mother mother
community gardens - the scary jokes
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